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GutCheck is a SaaS based online market research firm focused on real-time qualitative market research (e.g. focus groups and in-depth interviews).  GutCheck initially contacted Bighorn to develop the companies financial operating model.  Bighorn developed many of the financial model’s assumptions via benchmarking and analytics outputs tied to company operating data.  The analytics from financial model development were also used by Bighorn to inform decision analyses related to several GutCheck operating decisions.  In addition Bighorn performed market sizing for the US and International markets as well as built a model to estimate the available market for GutCheck services within an individual company.  The target company market sizing model was then used to identify the 500+ largest targets for GutCheck's services.  Bighorn then broke the targets into regions and loaded these targets into Salesforce as a starting point for GutCheck’s successful 2014 outbound sales initiatives.

Engagement Type: Consulting

Project Components:

Strategic Finance

  • Developed companies financial operating model.  
  • Reviewed SaaS and Market Research industry benchmark data as well as assembled company data / performed analytics to develop data based financial model assumptions and inform operating decisions.

Market Landscape

  • Sized US market and various international markets

Analytics & Operations Analysis

  • Enabled client to drive 70%+ annual sales growth across engagement period with the following projects: 
    • Developed model to size available market within individual companies.
    • Created a list of target accounts, based on opportunity size (see above bullet), and input the targets into Salesforce to initiate the clients outbound sales initiatives
    • Performed analytics to define customer journeys and led a cross functional team to implement insights across the customer acquisition, delivery and success organizations.
    • Defined package and audience pricing approach that allowed client to better match pricing and costs.