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Industry Expertise

Bighorn has expertise in several sectors of the information technology industry as well as in natural resources / cleantech and healthcare. 

Internet of Things / Data Enabled Services
Bighorn's principal, Tony Anast, has worked in what is now often described as the internet of things and their related data enabled services as an executive, venture capitalist and consultant throughout his 20 year career.  RFID, MEMS sensors, medical device inventory management and automated semiconductor defect analysis and analytics are some examples.

Semiconductors, Nanotechnology &   Advanced Materials
As a Materials Engineer by background Tony spent the first 10 years of his career in the semiconductor industry in a combination of technical and product management roles.  In addition as venture capitalist and consultant he has worked with many companies in the areas of nanotechnology and advanced materials.

SaaS (Software as a Service)
Bighorn has engaged with SaaS clients in the healthcare and online market research areas in projects covering, in total, 7 years.  In addition Tony has worked on software products in the RFID and semiconductor markets.

As a member of the corporate development team at Level 3 Communications Tony led an internal capital allocation effort that directed investment into areas critical to Level 3's ability survive the telecom meltdown of the early 2000's.  In this role and as a venture capitalist looking a fiber optic components investments he developed a deep understanding of the communications industry.

Natural Resources & Cleantech
Earning his undergraduate degree from the Colorado School of Mines initiated Tony's connection to the natural resource industries (mining and oil & gas in particular).  As a consultant Tony has worked with multiple water treatment technology clients developing solutions for the natural resource industries.  In addition as a venture capitalist Tony looked across the "cleantech" market spectrum for investment opportunities (including solar, batteries/energy storage, LEDs, smart windows and energy harvesting).

Bighorn has engaged in the healthcare IT space on a medical device inventory management system.  In addition Tony has worked on materials for medical devices and as a venture capitalist looked closely at the market for implanted device batteries.