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SkyeTek, an RFID reader technology company, had raised its Series A ($2 M) venture financing and selected a new CEO as they engaged with Bighorn.   Bighorn evaluated the industry, SkyeTek’s early customers successes and its technology / competencies to select a strategy focused on embedded RFID.   Once the strategy was set, Bighorn defined a set of new products, developed a marketing team, developed collateral and led outbound marketing activities that led to 40% revenue &  139% bookings CAGR, 69% increase in web traffic and 32% growth in developer kit sales.  This growth required incremental venture financing for which Bighorn developed all the fund raising collateral and participated in investor discussions for a $10 M Series B financing.  Bighorn also developed a company dashboard and worked on channel strategy for a RFID remote inventory solution.

Engagement Type: Consulting & Interim Executive (W2 & 1099)
Project Components:

Market Landscape

  • Defined market strategy via analysis of the market, customers and competition.

Product Strategy & Market Entry

  • Built marketing team of two FTEs and seven contractors and $300K marketing budget.  Provided sales tools which helped grow revenues 40% and bookings 139%.
  • Improved lead generation via outbound and web marketing resulting in a 69% increase in web traffic and 32% growth in developer kit sales.
  • Defined and launched of four well-received new products including an EDN award winner.  
  • Evaluated channel options for a remote inventory solution and initiated partner discussions.

Strategic Finance

  • Developed all fund raising collateral and engaged with investors leading to SkyeTek’s $10M Series B venture financing.  
  • Developed company dashboard presented monthly to SkyeTek’s Board of Directors. 
Tony was the lead marketing and strategy executive at SkyeTek during my first couple years leading the company. After leaving his executive role, SkyeTek engaged with Tony as a consultant. As part of this engagement, Tony defined a new market segment - Embedded RFID, which become a major focus of our commercial efforts. Tony also played a key role in our Series B venture financing and helped to define management metrics. Tony has a powerful intellect, has great composure, and delivers in a timely manner - he’s highly recommended
— Rob Balgley, CEO @ SkyeTek